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Posted by on Feb 8, 2017 in Saving Our Sons, The Quest Project | 0 comments

Therapy and Group Work: The Importance of a Qualified Facilitator

A Look Behind the Scenes

One thing I have not shared is I’m a facilitator of The Quest Project®.  I am in the “trenches” with the boys that come to see me.  I do this work myself, I’m good at it.  I know how to quickly uncover and get to the wound an adolescent boy carries.  Since 2000 I have facilitated over 2000 adolescent boys in their growth and healing!

In recent discussions with several organizations that want to bring The Quest Project® to their city, they were amazed that “I” would be working with the boys.  There was an assumption that I would send staff and oversee the work.  Not the case!  I don’t fly in and spend an hour doing a keynote speech to kick things off and leave the work to someone else, I do the work- it’s my mission!  Someday I will have a protégé, in the meantime, I am the one to get this done. 

Over the last 2 years, I have given you glimpses into who I am, how I was raised and my journey to doing what I do today. 

Why Me?

A quick recap of my education:

  • Completed my Bachelors in Psychology in 1994,
  • earned a Masters in Counseling; Thesis topic: “The Effect of Initiation and Mentoring on Adolescent Boys” (Lessor, C., 1998) in 1998,  published in  peer-reviewed journal “Role of Deceased Mentors in the Ongoing Lives of Protégés,” Omega: Journal of Death and Dying (Lessor, C., & Marwit, S., 2000), 
  • became a Licensed Professional Counselor in 1999. 

This was during a military career and engineering degree!  Fast forward to present day:  I’ve been in the counseling profession over 25 years and will be confirmed with my PhD in Education; Dissertation topic: “Difference of a Counselor Facilitated Adolescent Boys Group on Behavior” (Lessor, C., 2017) in just a few short months.


 I Am On a Mission With No Time to Waste 

How I make a difference:

  • Facilitate two or three age-appropriate The Quest Project® groups a week in St. Louis. 
  • Facilitate The Quest Project® at a local school district with fifty adolescent boys. 
  • In addition, I have begun facilitating The Quest Project® in other cities over an intensive weekend to reach more boys.

In my spare time, I am researching, analyzing and preparing for the next steps that will help these young men and their parents. 


My Mission:

To Create Healthy Lifestyles by Teaching, Facilitating, Example, and Writing! 

What’s your mission? Not sure?

Learn more about missions and their importance:



Clayton Lessor
Clayton Lessor, PhD in education and counseling, is a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice. He is author of "Generation of Men: How to raise your son to be a healthy man among men" and “Saving Our Sons: A Parent's Guide to Preparing Boys for Success." Dr. Clay has seen over 2000 boys since 2000 and facilitated over 300 The Quest Project groups. Boys attend a 10-week "boys to men program" where they and their parents will learn the tools needed to get through these turbulent teen years. Dr. Clay is a member of the Steering Committee for The Coalition to Create a White House Council for Boys and Men.
Clayton Lessor
Clayton Lessor

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