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Generation of Men


Generation of Men: How to raise your son to be a healthy man among men


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Between the ages of 12 to 15, boys undergo a pivotal phase of character development. During these years, they shore up the identities of the men they’ll become. However, we have a situation on our hands: 

The world today is complex. Technology, social media, current events, and dynamic shifts in culture have exposed modern youth to complicated concepts and situations at a much younger age. Children are navigating the ideas of adulthood in nearly every interaction. Yet, they have Limited access to male role models. 

Meanwhile, they are receiving conflicting definitions of masculinity. In movies and tv, they see “macho” male idols while, at the same time, hear echoes from society that “men are bad.” Amidst these convoluted expectations and assumptions, boys will turn to their friends, celebrities, video games, and the internet to learn how to “be a man.” The result is a patchwork manhood.

Because boys with absent fathers are forced to source male role models from different places, their concept of manhood is also pieced together. Today, we have a systemic problem of prolonging immaturity into adulthood. What’s more, this “patchwork manhood” is being passed generation to generation. And what we see is a generation of boys who seem distant, upset, angry, apathetic and detached.

New book, Generation of Men, written by Clayton Lessor, PhD, LPC, addresses the problem we have with our boys – the next generation of men. Serving as a how-to guide for fathers struggling to connect or reconnect with their sons, Dr. Clay provides fathers with the framework to use his proven program, The Quest Project®, designed to provide immediate help and hope to fathers and sons. 

Generation of Men reveals what our boys need and what they are missing. It discusses the importance of the father-son relationship, depicting real-life examples of broken father-son relationships through case studies. Most importantly, it introduces a boys’ modern-day rite-of-passage towards becoming a man. 

Generation of Men addresses

  • The Problem with Punishment & How to Set Ground Rules
  • The Wounds Boys Share: The Ways Fathers are Absent Today
  • What is Influencing Your Son
  • Why Some Boys Never Grow Up
  • The 5 Things Critical for your Son’s Transition into Manhood
  •  Breaking the Cycle of Pain
  • And much more