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Couples Counseling

Untangling the Web

Destructive webs can be untangled and pathways opened for creating healthier relationships.

Untangling the Web

Untangling the Web is a successful, comprehensive workshop designed for couples and individuals who want to explore and develop loving, healthy relationships. Learn tools and techniques to help eliminate barriers while creating a safe environment for effective communications.

You’ll discover HOW TO . . .

  • heal past wounds and family-of-origin issues
  • transform fighting into growth conversations
  • turn moments of conflict into moments of intimacy
  • support your partner’s core struggle with empathy and understanding
  • find your voice: express your inner desires, wants and fears
  • feel less alone as you build stronger bonds and connections
  • work past hurt and anger
  • find safety in vulnerability
  • appreciate your partner’s point of view
  • create an atmosphere of acceptance
  • Workshops are offered throughout the year, and counseling is covered by most insurance companies.

Contact us at 314-640-1553 for dates and additional info . . .