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The Quest Project

Every QUEST begins with a Question . . .

Tab-TheQuestProjectHow can we help our boys become better men?

The journey between childhood and adulthood is a transformational period, especially for boys. They need adventure, a sense of mission, competition, group involvement and a healthy male role model. They thrive in a safe, positive environment which offers them support and guidance.

It is becoming more difficult for parents and schools to meet these needs, and boys can easily turn to high-risk behaviors such as violence, gang involvement, unprotected sex, increased drop-out rates, or drug and alcohol abuse.

The Quest Project offers two group programs in support of at-risk boys . . .

The Quest Project programs allow boys to heal old wounds and grow into adults in a professionally-facilitated safe circle of age-appropriate peers. The boys are encouraged to express their emotions rather than hide them, or take them out on others, or use destructive behaviors to release them. The programs are covered by most insurance as group therapy.

Participants in all of our programs learn:

  • a sense of mission and future goals
  • to recognize their innate gifts
  • coping skills for stress
  • anger management skills
  • how to heal old wounds
  • how to explore the issues of becoming a man
  • conflict resolution skills
  • healthy lifestyle choices
  • responsibility and accountability
  • ways to improve self-esteem
  • communication skills
  • appropriate ways to express emotions

The Quest Project Adolescent Outpatient Program provides boys an opportunity to grow as individuals and find their place in the world. This program supports boys between the ages of 11 and 19 by teaching responsibility, accountability, and personal integrity, while challenging them to embrace the responsibility of being a man. Each boy receives a one-hour evaluation to determine their eligibility for our program. When accepted, they are organized into a five-person group based on age: 11-13, 14-16, or 17-19.

The Quest Project Weekend Intensive Program is a results-oriented, professionally-facilitated, transformational weekend designed specifically for at-risk adolescent boys and their parents/caregivers. Youth organizations, churches, and local treatment centers hire us to bring The Quest Project® to their community.

  • We facilitate and support the boys through a modern-day rite of passage, fostering their growth into men of integrity.
  • We bring the tools, knowledge, and guidance for the parents, caregivers, and staff in support of helping them develop a consistent, healthy environment for their boys.

Proven Results

With The Quest Project®, Clayton Lessor has facilitated over 17 years of successful programs and welcomed over 2,000 boys and their parents/caregivers. Our results are measured using the Behavioral Evaluation Scale (BES- III) and show a . . .

  • 70% increase in happiness
  • 65% increase in improved interpersonal relationship skills
  • 70% increase in fear resolution
  • 50% increase in age-appropriate behavior
  • 35% increase in learning capabilities

“I would highly recommend Clayton’s program to any young man/parent who may be struggling to find their way.”-Parent

“I was one of your patients a few years back.  My life has done a complete 180 the last few years and I owe a lot of it to you.”-Participant


For additional information about any of our programs, or to schedule an initial assessment of your son, please call 314-640-1553.